Vick & Jas


Ace Curries To Go...a Dream come True!!!

Jas & Vick in Delhi, India

Two simple and easy going individuals. Bajaj & Jasvir Deol Vikram Two complete separate back grounds Jasvir or Jas as she is known by her friends comes from the villages of Punjab in India where she grew up working in the fields with her parents.A small village called ``Kapoorthala`` near Jalandhar (Jalandhar means area inside the water or a piece of land laying between two bodies of water The rivers Beas & The river Satluj run on the two sides of Jalandhar)

Being a farmer is the most unappreciated profession in the world you grow vast quantities of food and if you are lucky and escape the clutches of landowners etc then you may be able to feed your family 2 square meals a day. But then the pleasure of tilling the land and seeing the healthy crop i suppose is a passion.
Jas grew up here working the fields from a tender age and this is where she developed her taste for all things Natural & Wholesome, here is also where she realized the importance of being honest and open with all dealings in her life.

Ace Curries To Go has adopted her taste for all things Natural & Wholesome and her values of honesty in all aspects of doing business. Vikram comes from a more pampered background and believe it or not no apologies ever, because being exposed to the luxuries and to the life style of the affluent has given him a taste for all things exotic and a weakness for the finer things in life..

All the Ace Curries To Go Spice blends need to meet up to his high standards and expectations or they are not offered to the Customers ever. If it is not good enough for him then it is definitely not worth offering to any one else.

Having come to Canada in 1997 he landed here with just a dream and a pocketful of nothing. He worked as a telemarketer and a sales person hawking goods to the cruise ships. White spot was kind enough to take him on , his background of Hotel Management that he studied in Switzerland `Les Roches`and the fact that he had many years of experience may have been a factor. A year of that and Vikram was ready to go back to doing what he did best, Business, a small stint as a consultant and a Video store followed (Ace Video & Grocery) and then the draw of the Kitchen and the desire to do something different started calling, and that was the start of Ace Curries To Go. Ace Curries To Go is just an extension of the personalities of the principals and as with everything else in their lives They want it to be easy and clean.So come into the World of Ace Curries To Go Spice Blends.