Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!!!

Welcome to our world of Indian Cuisine..

A fear exists in all our mind's : Cooking Curries That's just too difficult !!!

We all have our pet excuses that we have perfected to avoid cooking these fine foods at home.

The most common one that I hear is : The home smells of Garlic, Lets look at the positive side people, at least the VAMPIRES will stay Away, eh!!

Another one that is more justified : It takes too long, who wants to stand in front of a stove after a full days work and slave for hours.

Well not anymore Friends: All Ace Curries Recipes are 20 minutes and under.

Then there is the worst of the excuses or should I say escape routes that I have heard : I better call for takeout as I could never cook like those professional Chefs .

NOT TRUE ! I can promise you this.

Now we at Ace Curries To Go would like to challenge all the above statements . Come let us show you how it is done without any pain. Guaranteed.

Cook Without Fear Friends!!!